The only bad habit of mine is that I cannot sit doing nothing. I constantly need something to work on otherwise the grey matter inside my brain will turn to black.

So a couple of days back I was writing a new article for this blog and it was a daunting task. I used Jekyll as my static generator, used. Jekyl became unavoidingly slow. It took nearly a minute to rebuild my site even when I changed a punctuation error. Those were some dark days of my life. And so I researched for alternatives and found a new static generator called Hugo.

Hugo, as they advertise, is really the fastest static generator. It took nearly 30ms to build my website everytime I make a change. Hugo is built with Golang which is way faster than Ruby. P.S. 60 sec vs 30ms, you be the judge. Running Hugo on Netlify is satisfyingly great. Did I mention that everything is free? I just pay yearly for my domain. That’s all .

Second change that I made is change my hosting site. back then i used to host on GitHub, which by the way was more painful than installing Arch linux. Anyways, now I use Netlify. Netlify actually makes it easy to host static site. All I do is push changes in my git repo and Netlify builds my website on their server. Easy peasy.

Here’s how I did it:

  • Create a new GitHub repository with my site’s source code in it.
  • Create a Netlify account.
  • Connect GitHub to Netlify.
  • Click deploy.
  • Done. Website is live!
  • Also added a few DNS changes and custom domain in Netlify.

Netlify also manages you DNS entries which I haven’t tried out yet. Primarily because I use Clouflare and I see no reason to switch my DNS provider.

I’ll let the minions express how I feel about my current setup: